Other characteristics and calculation values

For evidence of moisture, wood and fire protection the following parameters can usually be stated

Building materials according to DIN 4102-4: B2 (normal flammability) or D-s2,d0 according to European Commission Decision of 09.08.2005 (2005/610/EC) for ρ ≥ 380 m³ / kg and total thickness t ≥ 40mm.
Calculated burn rate 0.7 mm / minute

Computational differential shrinkage perpendicular to grain: 0.24%/for each 1% humidity change
parallel to grain: 0.01% / for each 1% humidity change

Thermal conductivity λ parallel to the glued joints: 0.13 W / (mK)
Thermal conductivity λ perpendicular to the glued joints: 0.15 W / (mK)
Water vapor diffusion resistance factor μ: 40

The natural durability and resistance to aggressive chemical attack of glulam corresponds regardlessly of the adhesive used to the natural durability and resistance to aggressive chemical attack of respective timberspecies. Information about the properties of different types of wood can be found for example in the timber information service "Constructive solid wood products" (download from www.informationsdienst-holz.de) Further conclusions.
Based on years of experience and scientific research, regardless of wood type the components made of glued laminated timber in service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN 1052:2008-12, damage of the building caused by wood-destroying insects shall not be expected.

Source: Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau