Standard Halls

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"Standard Halls" structures - variable dimensions!

With these halls it is not about buildings with fixed standard dimensions, but about freely variable system halls.

In order to make the construction with variable dimensions economically optimal, the connections within the construction and connection to the foundation have been standardized. These details are based on many years of experience in the areas of static, fabrication, assembly and joinery.

Because of today's complex standard with more regionally differentiated loads (snow, wind), individual auditable static for each application is created. Generally applicable "type statics from the drawer", in which one had to meet most unfavorable design loads, makes no economic sense.

Effective assessment of timber sections saves raw materials and reduces costs.

This individual approach makes it possible for hall dimensions to exactly match your needs - within reasonable limits that take into account, for example, economic transport dimensions.

However, our “preferred” of the known standard saddle roof halls 1 to 4, which have proven themselves in recent years a very good basis as a first draft, are still there.

Our latest addition is Hall No.5 - a pitch roof hall, which provides the possibility of its optimum use as a "solar hall" with on-site photovoltaics.

Saddle roof buildings can naturally also be loaded with a photovoltaic system.