Details: Glulam purlins


The connection suspended between the binders


With purlin distances from approximately 2.0 m (ie, at a roof covering with composite panels or trapezoidal sheets) BSH-purlin is an economical alternative.

The statically required cross sections as conventional solid wood purlin are then only partly available.


Connection to the trusses

Visible connection (Standard)

The purlins are hung visibly with joist hangers between the roof trusses (as 1-area-support).

Alternatively, the purlin can be running on roof trusses as multiple area support.


small cross section, quick installation and simple implementation of gable end roof overhangs.


Masked connection

"Invisible" connection (extra charge)

Visually very appealing is the hidden connection with the dovetail joint or corresponding system joints.

In this form-fitting connection the purlin head is profiled on the scantling processor and a counter profile in the roof trusses is laterally milled. Alternatively, the system connectors can be preassembled on both sides.