Technical notes

Nature of the components:

The glulam laminated components of softwood produced according to DIN 4074 and DIN 1052 with the use of melamine resin.

The pitched roof trusses and parallel pent roof supports match the strength class GL28c, all other glulam components comply with GL24h strength class.

The pitched roof trusses, pent roof beams, columns and gable components come as a standard covered with 1x Hüttemann glulam protective layer. This serves as a temporary protection against dirt and moisture during transport and installation.

The steel parts are made of S235 JRG2 in hot galvanized finish, all other connecting means and sheet metal parts are zinc galvanized.

The force applied for the calculation was set as follows:

Dead weight (g) of roof construction = 0,35 kN/m2 (plus own weight)
Additional load (g) of photovoltaic = 0,15 kN/m2
(for saddle roof buildings on a roof half, for pitch roof buildings on the entire roof)
Snow load (s) max. = 0,85 kN/m2 (higher loads on request)
The burden on the snow load zone 1 and zone 2 corresponds to a height of about 250m above sea level, including the evidence of the "North German Plain."

Hüttemann standard halls contain the following services:

  • Static calculation and construction documentation of glulam construction in auditable copy. The costs of testing shall be covered by the customer.
  • Listed in the respective specification glulam components, including steel parts and fasteners
  • Delivery in Germany – a properly secured site,suitable for heavy transport access required - unloading and assembly on site.

These system halls are calculated on the following principles:

  • Own static within the scope of coverage (from OK foundation)
  • Preliminary technical remarks and service specifications
  • VOB (construction contract procedures) in the final version
  • Terms and conditions of the company Hüttemann