Safe and solid construction material

  • Glulam elements meet the needs of investors due to safe and solid construction

Numerous application possibilities

  • Solid wood construction, frame construction, wooden frames, combinations with blockwork construction, in industrial constructions as well as for refurbishments, renovations, alterations and extensions

High flexibility

  • extremely flexible in processing
  • on-site adjustments are possible without great expense
  • assembly done easily even in difficult and tight corners due to the possibility of joining individual elements on site (one-man standard element)

True to size

  • true to size due to technical drying up to 10 % +/-2
  • any excess moisture during construction penetrates only up to 1 mm depth into the elements if appropriate covering and ventilation are provided, thus causing no significant changes in dimension

Healthy room climate

  • Permeable and actively regulating the room climate
  • Wood can absorb moisture and release it again if necessary

Better construction physics

  • vapour proof
  • element joints must be sealed only
  • the used permeable breather membrane works at the same time as rain protection during construction
  • wood has one of the lowest thermal conductivities of all competing solid construction materials

Cost reduction

  • easy assembly
  • follow-up work can be performed without delay
  • no additional dampness created during construction
  • setting times are not required
  • low dead weight reduces installation costs
  • positive impact on the dimensions of the substructure
  • high degree of prefabrication / quick installation
  • preparatory work can take place regardless of weather conditions in the carpentry
  • the high degree of prefabrication virtually eliminates errors
  • on request (at additional costs), the glulam elements can be supplied with on top-side, screwed threaded inserts for crane assembly.
  • Cutouts, drill holes and openings are simple and accurately incorporated on-site.

Easy production of mezzanine floor for storage

  • Additional storage space can be created by putting in a mezzanine floor. Glulam timber elements are especially suitable for this due to their low installation height.

Service facilities

  • Additional installation channels can be incorporated in glulam elements to provide space for electrical installation
  • Drill holes for electrical lines and pipes are subsequently possible almost everywhere
  • Slots for wires are easy to do and cost-efficient

Simple systemic static

  • Calculation is done according to DIN 1052 or Euro Code 5
  • Typical timber construction fasteners: self drilling wood screws, perforated plates, angle- or NHT-connectors
  • A shear-resistant connection between the elements (panel formation) possible without much material and time expenditure

Ecological building material

  • Wood stores CO2
  • Handling and processing with the least amount of energy compared to conventional building materials
  • 1 ton wood absorbs 1.9 tons C02. 500 kg of carbon dioxide are therefore stored in the timber - it is active climate protection
  • Glulam elements have a very positive ecological balance!

Heating costs reduction

  • through the generally warm surface and low thermal conductivity of wood, the room temperature can be lowered by a few degrees
  • Natural wood protection
  • treatment is not necessary, as the elements are dried to a maximum of 12% timber moisture. The elements correspond when mounted to the hazard class GK0 according to DIN 68800.

Good fire safety

  • fire safety classes F 30-B, F 60-B, and with boarding even F 90-B are possible
  • design of fire safety classes according to DIN 4102-4
  • with double groove - double tongue the requirements of DIN 4102-4 are met, Table 61, f for ceilings to F 60-B and Table 70, for roofs to F 60-B

Summer heat protection

  • Wood has the highest heat storage capacity among all conventional building materials
  • Heat storage – absorbed solar energy
  • Very little heat is transferred to the inside
  • at night the stored heat energy is released back

Sophisticated appearance

  • creating a sophisticated surface through the use of selected single lamellas in visual range

Stock availability

  • Standardized elements are in stock