One-man Standard Element

Das Wandelement vom Lager

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Stock length: 13,50 m
Strength: 10 cm
Width: 36 cm
Cover with: 34,5 cm
Packages of 4 pcs
Stock length: 13,50 m
Strength: 10 cm
Width: 56 cm
Cover with: 54,5 cm
Packages of 4 pcs
GL 24h

Melamine resin adhesive
Wood moisture in production 10 % +- 2 %

Profile: Double groove - double tongue with groove

all sides chamfered
Groove depth: 30 mm
Groove width: 20 mm

Integrated installation channel: 20 x 60 mm

  • Immediate stock availability
  • Fast delivery
  • Standardized product
  • Easier transport to the site
  • Low waste
  • Rotatable due to 4-sided chamfer
  • Safe, dry, solid
  • flexibility
  • Simple static
  • High added value
  • Dimensions correspond to standard machining facilities
  • Diverse applications
  • Optimum heat and cold insulation
  • Permeable system
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Positive energy balance
  • Exceptional sense of wellbeing
For installation of glulam elements please note:

Heavy water accumulation (e.g. rain or construction water) can cause an extreme increase in wood moisture content. In rare cases this may change the volume of glulam elements, resulting in displacements and constraints in connected constructions. The elements must be protected from direct moisture penetration by covering films. Any excess moisture must be reduced with air dehumidifiers.